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Snippet of the song "Caledonia in the style of Celtic Woman.

Live recording of 2013 performance of "The Music Man". Role - Marian Paroo

  • Music Man Demo2:09

  • Nissa: Sample2:05

Nissa: a contemporary fairytale

By: Bethany Lopez

This Side of Forever

By: C. Marie Mosley

  • Elementris Audio Sample1:24

  • TSF Audio Sample3:19

The Vangeretta Curse Book 1:


By: Christina M. Mobley

  • Young Kids0:07

  • Dumb Shark0:08

  • Perro (Spanish)0:06

  • Caledonia1:23

  • 0:03

  • 0:05

  • Witch0:18

  • Always Multipax0:21

  • Voice Over Demo1:06

Master VO Demo




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